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My name is Cheryl Sperry Golke, and I would like to welcome you to my website!

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, RN, and author. I have a passion to spread the good news of God's love to children and families by writing stories and creating inspirational gifts that point others to the Lord, making an impact on lives for Him.  

This has been fascinating journey for me, and I hope you will find that scrolling through my pages here leaves you feeling blessed! 

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Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you to beg for your mercy for the world. Spare us O God, from this virus sweeping through the nations killing thousands. We are discouraged and afraid, Jesus. Please, if you are willing, you can make the suffering end. Vanquish our enemy in Jesus ' name. O Father, build your hedge of protection around our families and let not the enemy come near. Keep death and destruction away from our doors. O Jesus, we love you. We trust in you. Guide our leaders, Father, give them wisdom and strength and keep them safe. Keep our doctors and nurses on the front lines every day safe and healthy, and give them your peace. Protect our resources so there is enough for all, just as you fed the 5,000 Lord, taking a little and providing food for many. Put in every heart a commitment and and understanding of what we must do to slow the spread. We love you with all our hearts O God. Keep our families and all those we love from harm. In Jesus' Holy Precious Name we pray. 

And all God's people said



I love writing and I love being a Grandma! Put those two things together and you get...

my children's book series 

          Grandma's Angels


        Cheryl Sperry Golke


Book One
Leah the Lion

Leah the Lion is a little lion with a big gift - she can roar better than any of the other lion kids! But should she?  Read along with Leah as she learns the hard way that showing off and disregarding the other lions' feelings is not the best way to keep her friends.  With a little help from her sister, Leah learns a valuable life lesson!

Book Two
Isaac the Elephant

Isaac the Elephant is a sweet story that encourages young readers to celebrate friendships of all kinds, including with children with Autism. Even though our hero Isaac may prefer reading quietly by himself to the chaos of a parade, he is still caring and kind, helpful and brave. Just ask Isaac's new friend, Maxine the Kitty, who finds out first hand just how helpful and brave Isaac can be!


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Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise.

Psalm 51:15


A Bit About Me

My Story

I'd like to tell you a little bit about my walk with the Lord . . .

Jesus Christ means everything to me. I've known him my whole life. He is my brother, my savior, my protector, my confidant, my provider, and so much more. He is the Triune God, being one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus took my place of punishment for sins on the cross. He suffered for me. Because of him I have eternal life - me! He is amazing and awesome and I love him with my whole heart. I am nothing without him. Without his wonderful grace and mercy and love, I would be lost and condemned. Because of his wonderful grace and mercy and love for me I am rescued, set free from sin and the snares of this worldly life. Because of his holy and precious blood, shed for me, I am a child of God the Father, my King. Does that make me a princess? I think it does!

I don't always live like a forgiven daughter of the King. I'm still a sinner. But the difference is, I am forgiven. Jesus knows my every fault, my every secret, my every earthly weakness. He knows, and he forgives me. He loves me and I love him. He is preparing a place for me to be with him in heaven. Some day he will come back for me, and I will dwell in his presence for all eternity.

I am so very grateful for all that the Lord has done for me, and I want to live for him. My motivation in writing stories for children comes from my desire that others should come to know my Jesus like I know him. He can be your brother, your savior, your protector, your confidant, your provider, too. Do you know he loves you? Do you know that you have salvation too? Do you know you can go to heaven too? He's always been there for you. Respond to him and come to know him.

He's waiting for you!

If you would like to know my Jesus, say this prayer. Talk to him - out loud - right now.

He would love to hear your voice.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to believe that Jesus is my savior. I want you to come into my life and live in my heart. I know that I am a sinner. I want to accept your forgiveness and become your child. Thank you, Father, for sending Jesus to provide for my salvation. Thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit who fills my heart and mind at this very moment with your peace. I truly want to know you Lord, I want to live for you, and at the end of my life I want to join you and all believers in heaven.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for loving me.


Now my dear friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ, go and tell others what the Lord has done for you!!!!

Psalm 63:3-4 

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.

I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name, I will lift up my hands. 


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